Rhythm! Discovery Center Review

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Rhythm! Discovery Center Review

Review: Rhythm! Discovery Center
Review: Rhythm! Discovery Center

On Saturday, September 28th, we took advantage of the free admission offer by Smithsonian Magazine and headed to the Rhythm! Discovery Center. I would describe Rhythm! Discovery Center as an interactive percussion museum. There are several “hands-off” displays of different percussion instruments but I must admit that I didn’t really pay much attention to them. We were all about the hands-on pieces; and since we brought a 2 year old with us there was plenty of “hands-on” everywhere we went.

Here are a couple of the “hands-off” displays:

Rhythm! Discovery Center: "Hands-off" Displays
Rhythm! Discovery Center: “Hands-off” Displays

Let me warn you, if you or any of your children are sensitive to noise then this is not the place to go but if you don’t mind some good old fashion racket then you will have a blast.

One of the very first things we encountered was this huge drum. No, that it not just a large display, it’s a drum.
Rhythm! Discovery Center -

There are so many opportunities for learning at the Rhythm! Discovery Center. You could experiment with rhythms or the way different instruments made from different materials sound. For instance, how does a drum with an animal skin head sound different from a drum with a plastic head? Listen to how the drum sounds different from the cymbals.

Rhythm! Discovery Center: Different Mallets
Rhythm! Discovery Center: Different Mallets

You can experiment with how the drum sounds different if you hit it with your fingertips, the palm of your hand or your fist. There were also different things to play the instruments with so you can listen to the differences of playing with a hard mallet, a soft mallet or a brush (the musical kind, not the hair kind). You could also learn the names of the different instruments and from what country they originated.

The lessons we came to learn this day were simple (since we brought a 2 year old). We were simply experiencing the joy of sound and music. And there were secondary lessons like sharing and learning to wait your turn (which actually, he does very well).

Below are some of the pictures from our day:

The Cymbal

Rhythm! Discovery Center: the cymbal
Rhythm! Discovery Center: the cymbal

The Chimes
Children of all ages enjoy Rhythm! Discovery Center.
Chimes Collage

Wooden Instruments

Rhythm! Discovery Center: Wooden Instruments
Rhythm! Discovery Center: Wooden Instruments

The Percussion Wall

Rhythm! Discovery Center: Percussion Wall
Rhythm! Discovery Center: Percussion Wall

Crash Cymbals
The cymbals were actually way too big but Jeremiah listened very closely to Uncle Pat’s instructions. I love the joy on his little face once he was able to crash them together.
Crash Cymbals Collage

So Much Fun
We truly enjoyed our time at Rhythm! Discovery Center and look forward to going back many more times.

Rhythm! Discovery Center Collage
Rhythm! Discovery Center Collage

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  1. says

    I’ve never heard of a Rhythm Center before. We have a science center but not a center donated to music. Sad really. I love science but I love music just as equally. Hmm, I’ll have to do a google search now.

    Fingers crossed I’ve just been oblivious to it.

    • says

      So did you have any luck finding a similar attraction near you? I was shocked and happy when Rhythm Discovery Center came to Indianapolis. My son-in-law is a drummer so I was excited for him, as well.


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